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We use TV, video and animation technologies to help your company communicate with employees and business associates. Our clients have used our services to consolidate their corporate culture, improve QHSE metrics, motivate and retain key personnel.
Our passion for what we do has turned us into a global company. We produce daily content in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and more. Our programs and videos are broadcast to over 400 TV screens located in over 40 ships, oil rigs and offices in 15 different countries.

What we do

We produce videos and animations addressing industry-specific issues relevant to your company. Our teams are certified to work in industrial and offshore locations. iDtv’s Corporate TV’s service incorporates best practices and made-to-order content into an attractive and engaging format.
If you are in the oil & gas industry, you know that complying with your client’s HSE and HR requirements is key to keep and grow your contract base. And it applies to any other industry.
We have years of expertise producing video content to help companies meet their clients’ requirements. From induction videos to safety awareness animations, we’ve got you covered right now - and our videos are fun to watch too!

We can go wherever your teams are

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We mix art and technology to produce attractive, engaging, visually appealing videos and Corporate TV systems for the industry

Corporate TV

We reinvented Corporate TV as a productivity, motivation and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment tool. We generate 100% of our content right where our clients’ operations take place, from offshore rigs in the sandy deserts to the arctic landscapes.

We broadcast our programs and videos to the same remote locations using a web-based architecture. All you need is an internet connection. It’s just like regular TV, only better: we put your teams on TV, generating engagement and allowing for the transmission of important messages.

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